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Divine interaction

Monday, January 7, 2008

The lessons in yoga at a camp conducted by Swami Ramdev left his followers thirsting for more. So they gathered at a farm house, on a cool Sunday morning to have an interaction with the guru.

It was a gathering of Baba's devotees, well-attended by people of all age groups and from different walks of life. Swami Ramdev spent most of the morning patiently giving tips to those approaching him with their ailments.

Host N Kumar enthused, "Ramdev Baba has a lot of followers here in Nagpur. They are thrilled to have this face-to-face interaction with him."
For the sufferers of various ailments, it was the faith in Baba's cures which brought them here. Mohini Tahiliani was hopeful that with the swami's blessing, she will be fit and fine one day. "If Babaji tells me to exercise, I will do it and I am sure things will be fine. I see Babaji everyday on the television and wanted to have his darshan. I am blessed to see him in person."

Although people from the medical fraternity have often contested the yogi's claims, gynaecologist Dr Anita Singh was spotted bridging the gap between allopathic and alternative treatments. She said, "Saints do not contradict medicine, but bring us closer to nature. Some of the medical problems can be handled by medicos, while the rest of the problems, which are a result of faulty lifestyle, can be cured by alternative therapies."
A simple non-cereal lunch of fruits, dry fruits and boiled vegetables was served to Swami Ramdev by Poonam Kumar, her son Vijay Kumar and daughter-in-law Gunjan. But for devotees a meal comprising makke di roti, sarson da saag, paneer and matar mushroom was laid out.

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