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Sarvangasana for Improving Blood Circulation and Increasing Glow In Face

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sarvangasana ( whole body pose ) this asana stimulate thyroid gland .It improves general health and tones of the entire personality it cures diabetes , constipation ,and seminal weakness.The rich supply of blood to the face and the neck acts as a beauty treatment banishing unwelcome signs of age, wrinkles and grey & falling hair,The chinlock exerts pressure on the thyroid gland, toning it up, Ugly lines on the neck disappear,The blood from the legs flows down so that varicose veins are also cured,It also cures piles, constipation, poor blood circulation, headache,It keeps the urinary organs in good shape,It prevents premature hardening of the bones or ossification, activates the thyroid gland and keeps balance in all the organs and system of body. Increase glow on face and reduce the fat of obdomen. Improves flow of blood to the brain. Its adjusts improper body growth. This asana gives asthma patients relief. Ensures great relief from functional disorders of the eyes, ears, nose and throat Its improves mental faculty considerably.

Technique : Lie on the back with body fully stretched .slowly raise the legs together . place your hands flat on the floor , elbow your back , and then slowly unroll your body , support your back feet as through body is lifting from back of neck , chin is pressing into neck . keep the elbow on the ground . let the shoulder and neck touch the ground and breathing normal .

Note -Weak hearted person, heart patient, high blood pressure, fat men & women,stomach troubled, spondilytis , epilepsy , week sighted do not perform this Posture . Spondilytis , Cervical patent can be helpless to perform this Posture.

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